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C-TPAT Audit: Our Process

In today’s dynamic world of international trade, and specifically along the southwest border of the United States and the Republic of Mexico, we have a keen appreciation for the reality that no two businesses are alike. That adage is no more evident than when working with private or publicly traded companies, their business partners, manufacturers, growers, carriers or suppliers.
The first and most proven approach we take is that we perform our due diligence by obtaining data and company-related information upfront. This information consists of:

  1. A history of your business and current business model
  2. A listing of your “Business Partners”
  3. A complete review of your facilities
  4. Review of the current Standard Operating Procedures

Following our interviews and an on-site visit, we will provide you with our best-case scenario regarding the type of C-TPAT certification that best fits your company’s current requirements, projected growth and operational limitations.

After determining the best course to follow, we’ll proceed with the C-TPAT application process and work with both you, the client. and with CBP to obtain certification, revalidation or, in some cases, regaining C-TPAT benefits and privileges that have been suspended and/or denied in the past.